An interdisciplinary team of ANU students driven by the goal of building and racing a Formula SAE car in 2024

About Us

Quality and performance is ANU Formula Sport’s ultimate goal, and we also endeavor to create a fun and enjoyable environment for our members. This allows us to create an engaging atmosphere where all team members learn skills invaluable to their future careers.


Crafting Gears, Driving Peak Performance.


Mastering Air, Racing Beyond Limits.


Business Meets Racing: Beyond Boundaries.

Powertrain & Electronics

Power and Tech: Unleashing Smart Drive.

Information Technology

Tech on Track: Seamless, Secure Speed.

Our Team

Innovation is our job, but diversity is our core. Hailing from 7 different academic colleges, all of our team members hold an important place here, no matter their expertise or background. This is what makes our team special, as this diversity produces excellence in all areas of our team such as engineering, business, finance, and more.

We aspire to build team communication, leadership, and individual initiative in time for the competition in 2024.

Arjun Raj

Project Lead

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